The Isuzu Truck range has been designed for use in over 170 countries throughout the world. All of the models are proven, reliable products that are sold, driven, used and abused in their thousands day in and day out. Isuzu Motors in Japan produces one of the largest amounts of light to medium weight trucks in the world today and is also the biggest producer of diesel engines. The end result is a range of trucks that are durable, practical and reliable enjoying high levels of comfort and safety features.

A modern, stylish, economical, payload-efficient Truck line up.

The Isuzu Truck range:

Our Isuzu Truck centers offer three ranges of Isuzu trucks, namely the N, F and FX series. Each range has a number of models suited to various daily functions. Our team will strive to provide you the best Isuzu Truck for your specific business need, giving you a product that will maximise your businesses earning potential and keep your operating costs down. Our dealer teams are available to provide expert advice and quality service backed by Isuzu Truck South Africa and their class-leading warranty.

Our Isuzu Truck range

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