The Isuzu FX Series range completes our F Series model line-up. Offering GVM and matching power for every application and terrain. There are many areas of Southern Africa where trucks need the additional torque, GVM and GCM that our FX Series models offer, it’s all part of Isuzu Truck’s transport solution.

Our Isuzu FX Series Trucks

On the FX Series power is delivered from one model-type Isuzu common-rail turbo-intercooled engine providing 265 kW (360 hp) @ 2000 rpm and 1422 Nm @ 1400 rpm – this represents 61% more torque for any task than the standard F Series. A standard exhaust gas re-circulation unit ensures that reduced combustion temperatures are an effective means of controlling nitrous oxides exhaust emissions. This engine exceeds the South African Euro 2 specification and is classed as a Euro 3 unit as part of Isuzu’s environmental care package.

The Isuzu FX Series is fitted with a 9-speed standard gearbox, the ZF 9S1310. Designed as an 8-forward speed transmission for normal use, it incorporates a ‘crawler’ gear for those abnormal situations where an extra-deep ratio is required to get out of a steep gradient from start-up when fully loaded.

A modular approach to cab design and construction means that the Isuzu’s F-Series and FX models all share the same cab. The cab on the FX Series has been position slightly higher and more forward to accommodate a much larger engine. All models are fitted with standard air-conditioning, radio and electric-powered windows that will please drivers and reduce fatigue. Added personal safety comes from a driver’s airbag.

A standard 400 litre fuel tank provides adequate range for medium-haul applications.
Service intervals are at a very competitive 20 000 km minimising downtime.