The Isuzu N Series, a light-duty truck committed to three main principles: Safety, Economy and the Environment. You can be sure that any truck in this range is going to provide you with power, fuel-efficiency and offers various active and passive safety features. They are economical to drive and with an emphasis on driver’s comfort, various improvements have been made to make journeys easier and comfortable.

Our Isuzu N Series Trucks

Features of the N Series:

  • Safety guides every aspect of the N Series design. Drivers and passengers enjoy total peace of mind knowing they are protected by a highly rigid cab and steel door beams. The N Series is designed from a standpoint of preventative safety. Safety belts are standard.
  • Isuzu’s Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), available on selected models, delivers an automatic’s ease of use with a manual’s performance, economy and durability. AMT is easy on fuel consumption, maintenance costs and component life.
  • Comfortable drivers are more productive and safer. For these reasons, the cab incorporates many features to increase the driver and passenger’s comfort such as enhanced visibility, efficient ventilation, easy-to-read instrumentation and carefully designed seating.
  • It is equally at ease hauling heavy loads on the highway or making deliveries in town thanks to its exceptional stability, responsive handling and tight turning radius. With an expansive windshield and jet wiper system, visibility is superb. The meter cluster and lamps are easy to read at a glance, so drivers can focus on the road ahead. Equipped with the tilt/telescopic steering wheel and power steering, the Isuzu N Series is ready to meet any driving challenge.