The true value of owning a Chevrolet car or bakkie lies in more than just the vehicle you buy. All Chevy’s are built to exacting standards and supported by a class-leading Williams Hunt service plan, which means you can look forward to a smooth motoring experience supported by a sales and manufacturing team that is always driven by the desire to find new ways to make your Chevrolet journey more rewarding.

With more than a 100 years’ experience in tailoring innovative vehicles for a distinguished international motoring market, the Chevrolet manufacturing team has its collective finger on the pulse of emerging trends. This is why you’ll find that there is a vehicle in their stable to suit every need.

Buying a new or used Chevrolet car:

Shopping around for a pre-owned Chevrolet car or bakkie? You’ve come to the right place. Williams Hunt also offers great deals on second-hand Chevrolet vehicles, including the sporty Chevrolet Sonic hatchback with its responsive handling and youthful feel, the contemporary Chevrolet Aveo sedan with its spacious interior, and more.

For the latest Chevrolet news and expert assistance throughout your purchase journey, look no further than Williams Hunt. As trusted Chevrolet dealers, we will assist you in gathering specifications and finding competitive price points, whether you’re looking for a bakkie for sale or shopping around for a multi-purpose family vehicle. We’re here to make your South African motoring experience as enjoyable as possible.