Opel has since it’s introduction steadfastly served South African motorists faithfully becoming a beloved name in the local market. With icons  such as the Super Boss and in todays arena the OPC they have become well known for superb German craftsmanship, high European technical standards and performance drive cars.

Experience the Opel philosophy of “Wir Lieben Autos” – We live cars . It is Opel’s passion, involvement, attention to detail, responsibility, intention and confidence in their automobiles so that you, the person who drives them, loves them as much as we do.

We stock the full range of new Opel’s available in South Africa everything from the nippy value for money Corsa, the stylish trendy ADAM, the reliable economical Astra, the family orientated spacious Meriva, the rugged unique Mokka SUV and not forgetting the hair raising, performance driven OPC range. Click on a specific model to find out more.

Our Opel range:

To this day, through a combination of timeless, classic body styles and rugged, durable mechanical design, Opel continues to offer a range of products that caters to the love all kinds of people in South Africa have for the automobile.