The Opel Astra is a quantum leap for Opel in the C-segment, built to take the brand’s C-segment contender well into the coming decade. The five-door hatchback has been designed and engineered to meet your fast-changing needs and demands. Opel have made a vehicle that is amongst the most efficient, lightest and best connected. Offering advanced safety and driver assistance technology it just happened to be crowned 2016 European Car of the Year. Our Opel Astra is designed around four key principles: efficiency, design, connectivity, and driver safety technology.

Our Opel Astra


Significant plus points include:

  • Increased interior space, despite more compact exterior dimensions
  • Innovative technology including class-leading IntelliLux LED® Matrix system
  • New engine generation with reduced consumption and emissions
  • Significant noise vibration and harshness improvements
  • ‘Class higher’ quality and interior ambience
  • Luxury options including seat ventilation
  • High connectivity with IntelliLink

The Astra Essentia gives you a surprisingly high  level of  standard equipment. Safety, comfort and convenience are
high on the list. Standard equipment includes:

  • Halogen headlamps with LED Daytime Running Lights
  • LED indicators, front
  • Power mirrors: heated, in body colour, manual folding
  • Power windows, front
  • Remote power door locks
  • Speed-sensitive power steering
  • Electronic Stability Program Plus (ESP®Plus) with Anti-lock Braking System and Hill Start Assist
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  • Front and side airbags, driver and front passenger
  • Curtain airbags
  • Airbag deactivation switch, front passenger airbags
  • ISOFIX pre-installation with Top Tether, outer rear seats
  • Pedal Release System
  • Dual seat belt pretensioners, front seats
  • Smart seat belt reminder, all seats
  • Air conditioning with particle and odour filters, manually controlled
  • Sunshades with mirrors
  • 6-way adjustable seat, driver
  • 4-way adjustable seat, front passenger
  • 60:40 split rear seats
  • Cruise control with speed limiter

The Astra Enjoy delivers extra wellness, convenience and personality. It is the connected and more personal Opel Astra. Standard equipment in addition to the base model includes:

  • R 4.0 IntelliLink with 6 premium speakers
  • On-board computer
  • Power windows, front and rear
  • Driver assistance pack is standard on 1.4T derivatives and optional on 1.0T
  • Chrome grille

The Astra Sport gives you a high-value, quality package that delivers a real feeling of premium class and luxury, yet still offering an outstanding price. Standard equipment in addition to base model includes:

  • Tinted rear side and tailgate glass
  • Cloth trim seat, Formula
  • Ergonomic sport seat with power lumbar, driver
  • Electronic Climate Control
  • Power folding side mirrors
  • Side Blind Zone Alert
  • Handsfree Parking (APA2)
  • Rear View Camera
  • Lock control, remote entry, passive entry (PEPS) with keyless engine start

The Opel Astra has 3 engines.
1.0T Essentia & Enjoy offers a 1 litre turbo charged engine with a Manual transmission, power – 77kw @ 4500/6000 r/min, torque – 170 @ 1800-4300 r/min, CO2 Emisions combined cycle 102g/km.

1.4T Enjoy & Sport offers a 1,4 litre turbo charged engine with a Manual or Automatic transmission, power – 110kw @ 5000-5600 r/min, torque – 230nm @ 2000-4000 r/min, CO2 Emisions combined cycle 117 g/km for the manual and 127g/km for the Auto.

1.6T Sport offers a 1,6 litre turbo engine with a Manual transmission, power – 147kw @ 5500 r/min, torque – 280nm @ 1650 – 5000 r/min, CO2 Emisions combined cycle 139 g/km.

Service intervals are every 15 000km or 12 months – which ever is reached first.

Fuel consumption:

1.oT Essentia & Enjoy:
Urban 5.2 l/100km*
Extra-Urban 3.9 l/100km*
Combined 4.4 l/100km*

1.4T Enjoy & Sport Manual:
Urban 6.3 l/100km*
Extra-Urban 4.3 l/100km*
Combined 5.1 l/100km*

1.4T Enjoy & Sport Auto:
Urban 7.2 l/100km*
Extra-Urban 4.5 l/100km*
Combined 5.5 l/100km*

the 1.6T Sport Maunal:
Urban 7.9 l/100km*
Extra-Urban 4.9 l/100km*
Combined 6 l/100km*

*Fuel consumption calculations according to Government ECE R101 or SANS 20101 standards.


Standard safety features – many of which are integrated with hydraulic braking and/or electronic engine control systems include:

  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and Traction Control
    Electronic Brake Force Distribution controls front to rear axle brake force, ensuring vehicle stability and maximum rear axle brake torque independent of axle load distribution.
  • Cornering Brake Control provides directional vehicle stability during cornering while braking.
  • Torque Vectoring by Brakes improves agility and gives a more direct steering feel by initiating braking interventions at the inner wheel of the rear axle or both axles, while engine torque may also be increased to counterbalance the effect. Accordingly, the understeer tendency of the car is reduced and the car stays more neutral, even at a higher curve speed. The driver should not detect such interventions, which are sensitively applied according to steering behaviour.
  • Cornering Torque Control prevents the inner driven wheel from spinning when cornering under acceleration, decreasing any understeer tendency.
  • Electronic Drag Torque Control avoids wheel slip caused by high engine drag torque and maintains vehicle steerability.
  • Brake Assist System supports the driver in emergency braking situations by ensuring full master cylinder brake pressure is applied.
  • Hydraulic Brake Assist Fade provides full deceleration under extreme fading in the brake system. Triggered by vehicle speed, brake pedal application velocity and brake disc temperature, the ABS pump sucks brake fluid from the reservoir into the brake circuits.
  • Brake Disc Cleaning periodically removes contamination by applying very light pressure to the pads so they contact the discs without generating any noticeable brake torque. The effectiveness of the braking system is maintained, especially under wet road conditions.
  • Trailer Stability Program is active when an Opel-approved towing hitch is fitted and detects any vehicle instability when towing a trailer or caravan. It reduces engine torque and applies brake pressure to selected wheels.

Our Opel Astra has class leading Technology:

Opel Eye front camera – it has a wide range of function which includes

  • monitoring the IntelliLux LED Matrix System,
  • Traffic Sign Assista (TSA); Lane Departure Warning (LDW) with Lane Keep Assist (LKA);
  • Following Distance Indication (FDI); Forward Collision Alert (FCA) with Low Speed Collision Mitigation Braking (LSCMB)

Forward Collision Alert – can help to avoid or reduce the harm caused by front-end crashes. Forward Collision Alert uses the Opel Eye front camera system in the windscreen to detect a vehicle directly ahead, within a distance of 60 metres.
Following Distance Indication – The following distance indication displays the distance to a preceding moving vehicle. The front camera in the windscreen is used to detect the distance of a vehicle directly ahead in the vehicle’s path. It is active at speeds above 40 km/h.
Active Emergency Braking – Active emergency braking can help to reduce the damage and injury from crashes with vehicles and obstacles directly ahead, when a collision can no longer be avoided either by manual braking or by steering.
Traffic Sign Assistant – Traffic Sign Assistant detects designated signs via a front camera and displays them in the Driver Information Centre. If the vehicle is equipped with an embedded navigation system, additional traffic signs from data maps may be included.
Lane Keep Assist – helps to avoid crashes due to unintentional lane departures. The front camera observes the lane markings. If the vehicle approaches a lane marking, the steering wheel is gently turned to position the vehicle back into the lane.
Side Blind Spot Alert – This system warns drivers about hidden dangers. When changing lanes, overtaking or turning a corner, other road users can disappear in the blind spot. Ultrasonic sensors permanently scan wide areas around the vehicle at speeds ranging from 10 to 140 km/h.
Advanced Park Assist and Rear View Camera – Another comfort feature that makes driving the Astra easier to drive is Park Assist with ultrasonic front and rear sensors. Park Assist is always active below 11 km/h and automatically notifies the driver when it detects objects within the range of its sensors.


Backed by General Motors South Africa the Opel Astra come with a 5 Year / 90 000 km Service plan, a 5 Year / 120 000 km warranty and roadside assistance plan as well as an anti-corrosion warranty of 5 Years / Unlimited km.

Take a walk around our Opel Astra:

Recommended retail price:
Model Price (incl. VAT)
ASTRA HATCH 1.0T Enjoy R 284 300
ASTRA HATCH 1.4T Enjoy MT R 328 000
ASTRA HATCH 1.4T Enjoy AT R 338 000
ASTRA HATCH 1.4T Sport MT R 354 000
ASTRA HATCH 1.4T Sport AT R 374 000
ASTRA HATCH 1.6T Sport MT R 387 000
ASTRA HATCH 1.6T Sport PLUS MT R 407 000

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