Opel Astra refreshed and repositioned

Refreashed Opel Astra“General Motors South Africa (GMSA) has introduced a number of styling and specification changes across the Opel Astra Hatch range. These revisions impact on exterior styling, interior trim, and revised technical specifications in line with local preferences. Along with these changes comes an aggressive new pricing structure that builds on an already excellent value proposition.

“With the introduction of the Opel Astra for the 2013 model year we have adopted a number of external, and internal styling changes that refresh the inherent continental styling appeal of the Astra,” says Malcolm Gauld, GM South Africa’s Vice President Vehicles Sales Service and Marketing. “Customer expectations are a dynamic area of the market that we continually monitor to ensure that we are always able to offer an excellent value proposition. The changes to the Astra line-up reflect changing customer preferences.”

In the current economic climate there has been a shift away from “nice-to-have” but seldom used specification items in favour of a specification that offers a degree of cost saving without any real sacrifice in functionality or comfort. To satisfy this market requirement we have reviewed the specification versus pricing across the Astra Hatch range and together with Opel in Germany arrived at a formula that enables us to reduce the cost of the Astra and increase its competitiveness in the popular “C’ segment of the passenger vehicle market. This is on top of the fact that we did not apply any price increase to the Astra during 2012 when most of its competitors saw price increases of 1% and more.”

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