Bakkies 4 Babes

Isuzu bakkies for BabesWanting to prove that their bakkies are undeniably burly but not necessarily “butch”, Isuzu knocked on our door. We had what they were looking for: 18 4×4-craving, adventure loving, independently minded female readers who have been enthusiastically involved in our women’s projects. So we suggested Isuzu take them on a 4×4 training weekend. Come join the joy ride!

“Meeting the “chosen ones” at the Isuzu Offroad Academy’s base at Gerotek’s testing facility in Pretoria was an interesting affair. (Gerotek is like an adult playground of all things car.)
From the flamboyant and finicky, the natural and laid back to the unpretentious and practical, they were all there. All ages. All shapes. All sizes. We were in for a thing, all right.
Introductions were made, name tags and Isuzu goodies handed out and after a short welcoming briefing from Grant McCleery, Isuzu Off-road Academy’s main instructor, and brand manager Ryan Visagie, it was time to get a move on. We had nine teams of two women per team. Luggage had to be transferred from the ladies’ own vehicles to their weekend wheels. Nine shiny, beautifully branded Isuzu KB300s were lined up — red, blue, white, silver and gunmetal grey. The teams could choose a car.

Like children who had just received their strip of tickets for the amusement park, the ladies scrambled to get the best ride (and seat) for the weekend. As we all know, size does matter, so most of the ladies wanted a double cab. The two teams that ended up with half-a-cab (as they called it) were, however, immensely impressed with the spaciousness of the extended cab. All — yes, all — their luggage fitted in behind the seats. They could easily have packed twice as much.” Read the full article on Leisure