Brace yourself the Opel Adam

opel-adamWe recently spent a week whizzing around in the new Opel Adam. It’s a posh little three-door hatchback that employs a decidedly refined and trendily downsized turbo triple.

Little, of course, is the operative word here.

The Adam – which rides on a shortened Corsa platform – measures just a smidgen over 3.7 metres in length, which puts it neatly between the absolutely tiny Fiat 500 and the rather compact Audi A1 (incidentally, two of its main rivals). Its boot can handle a mere 170 litres and space on the rear bench is cramped at best.

So, it’s small. Very small. And, traditionally, diminutive city cars have to make do with just the bare basics in terms of on-board technology. Yip, the exciting gadgets and gizmos are reserved for the luxury barges and upmarket SUVs of this world.

Well, that’s the way it used to be. The Opel Adam, apparently, thinks this is a right load of old codswallop.

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