Chevrolet Cruze LS 1.4T: When push comes to shove

Chevy Cruze Turbo sedan“The latest Chevrolet Cruze is exactly what you’d expect of the American marque in the 21st Century motoring context: strong on features and perceived value; attractive in an inoffensive, middle-of-the road kind of way; and spacious for a C-segment compact sedan. With the arrival of a new engine, Chev hopes to add dynamic appeal to the list of attributes.

There was a time when the Chevrolet brand was mostly associated with big-bruiser cars –swaggering machines gleefully commanding vast acreages of chrome-garnished sheet metal. They proudly wore evocative nameplates – Bel Air, Malibu, Biscayne, Impala – and usually gained their urge from equally massive, thirsty V8 engines.

Fast forward six decades and the Chevrolet you’ll find on modern-day roads is an altogether different beast. With a model inventory largely derived from Korean brand Daewoo, the international face of Chevrolet is sleek, compact and contemporary.”

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