Driven: Chevrolet Lumina SS Ute (2011)

The 2011 Chevrolet Lumina Ute “Australia. Most South Africans, when they think of the land down under, will put on a satiric accent, throw around words like ”sheila” and “mate”, while making references to the late Crocodile Hunter and a cricket team we all supposedly hate. You’ll think of the vast Outback, the Sydney Opera House and the fact that you can buy biltong in Melbourne and invite most of the people in your street round for a braai. Not a Barbie, because most of your neighbours are South African too. We seem to love it over there. The weather is great, the country is beautiful like our own, yet we are annoyed by the people at times. And while it may seem like I am writing the introduction to an essay you might have submitted in high school, my ramblings make several good points.”

“Points which relate directly to a car that, on paper, would have men in business suits laughing their behinds off and the general motoring public saying “huh?”. But don’t you worry, because the Aussies don’t give a hoot about what you think. Or their bosses. Or anyone, really. I would love to have been in the meeting where the car I am slowly revealing to you was conceived. I imagine many expletives would have been used by an unshaven man wearing sandals. And a cowboy hat. My reason for this somewhat derogatory thought? The Chevrolet Lumina SS Ute.” read the full article on DieselDrive Magazine’s website