MotorBurn review our Chevrolet MyLink infortainment system

Chevrolet MyLink review

Motorburn review our Chevrolet Mylink Infortainment system available in the Trailblazer and Sonic RSMore than just a smartphone mirror.
If you’ve got pudgy fingers that tend to leave greasy smudges on glossy displays, best you get into the habit of regular hand-washing. Why? Because touchscreens are becoming increasingly popular in modern vehicles. Well, that and hygiene. Hygiene’s important, too.

Cleanliness considerations aside, even technophobes have to accept that the latest infotainment systems are no longer built around the relic known as the CD loader, but instead centre on that roughly rectangular device seemingly glued to the end of your arm. That’s right, the smartphone. And the popular approach in the automotive industry is to fashion an in-dash display that simply mirrors the smartphone to which it is connected.

But the MyLink system from General Motors goes one step further. This nifty nugget of tech – which has been around in certain GM products in selected markets since 2012 — allows applications to live in the vehicle as well as on the phone. In effect, this means that the smartphone is able to kick back and function as nothing more than a link between the car and the cloud, by way of its data plan.

The benefits of such a setup? A theoretical reduction on the reliance of mobiles while behind the wheel, which in turn could cut down on distracted driving. Good.”

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