Driving impression – Opel Astra GTC 1,4T Enjoy

The Opel Astra GTC 1.4t Enjoy - Topcar.co.zaThe guys from Top Car and CAR mag recently reviewed our Opel Astra GTC. Have a look at what their driving impressions were;

“IT LOOKS FAST doesn’t it? But you’d be mistaken if you thought the Opel Astra GTC was a VW Golf GTI rival – it’s not, but neither was the previous-generation GTC. However, whereas the earlier GTC portfolio boasted a fiery GTI-eating 147kW 2.0-litre turbo version, the current line-up only comes in dreary 1.4- and 1.6-litre turbo guise – both engines mapped for economy rather than outright performance. Why would Opel do this? I mean, why offer a fast-looking car without the oomph to match? The reasoning is straight forward: Opel wanted the GTC to be a stand-alone model in the Astra range to bridge the gap between the bread-and-butter five-door hatch and super-hot hatch OPC version. The GTC then caters for a different kind of enthusiast – one who wants the performance looks but without the added hooliganism. So is the GTC worth the premium over its five-door Astra sibling?” Read the full review on Top Car’s website.

“The Astra GTC you see here was recently added to the line-up, along with the very funky Meriva MPV. It fits very well with GMSA’s new positioning of Opel as an upmarket, sporty brand.
Priced at R287 000 the Astra GTC 1,4T Enjoy goes up against such rivals as the Volkswagen Scirocco 1,4TSI (R302 800) and Renault Megane Coupe 1,4T GT-Line (R259 900). I spent much of last week driving the Opel, and it makes a pretty strong case for itself.” Read CAR Mag’s full impression here.