Driving Impressions: Chevy Sonic Sedan 1.4 LS

Driving Impressions: Chevrolet Sonic Sedan 1.4 LS“Chevrolet has expanded its Sonic range with a sedan version and I spent a week with the 1.4 LS.

Chevrolet of late seems to have adopted an interesting marketing strategy. Yes, it does make some incredibly desirable machines like the Corvette and Lumina but ultimately, the company has realised that after the recession bailout they needed to make vehicles that tick all the boxes. Cars that sell in large numbers, in other words.

These vehicles are for the average man who isn’t that interested in cars and motoring per se, but wants a solid, reliable vehicle that has all the essential features and offers value-for-money. Chevrolet’s Sonic range comprised both hatchbacks and sedans, powered by petrol and diesel. They’re reasonably well-priced and offer practicality and functionality.” read the full article on Dave the Car Guy’s blog.