Driving Impressions: Chevrolet Utility 1.8 Club

The Chevrolet Utility, picture courtesy of David Taylor“We all know this vehicle. It’s an Opel Corsa Utility. Or, it was, until Chevrolet took over. The Chevrolet Utility as it’s now known is the third generation of light working vehicles for the South African market and, despite being classed as working class heroes, are actually rather desirable amongst the younger members of the buying public.

General Motors South Africa has invested a lot of money with the Utility as it has been one of the best selling vehicles in the country. In fact, for about 80 months, the Corsa Utility was the best-selling half-ton bakkie on the market.

Let’s take a moment to forget the older Corsa and focus on the new Utility. It looks really good from the front and has a face filled with character. Thumbs up goes to Chevrolet to actually designing a vehicle with a bit of a heart as opposed to your cold, run-of-the-mill soulless commercial vehicles.” Read the full review on Dave the Car Guy’s blog.