Opel Corsa

First drive in the all-new Opel Corsa

Opel Corsa“Opel has launched a new Corsa to better battle the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo. The Wheel Deal headed to Frankfurt and took it for a spin

If there were an ever award for the world’s most erratic car company then Opel AG would surely bag it. I mean back in the late 1980s and early 1990s this Rüsselsheim firm was producing some pretty epic stuff. Modern day classics such as the Kadett GSI and Lotus Omega rocked the establishment and became the blue-collar poster cars of a generation. As did the Calibra coupé and, closer to home, the radical Kadett TS that thanks to its turbocharged engine could easily give the BMW E36 M3 a cracked septum. And then almost overnight everything went rather pear-shaped. Performance and panache made way for staid styling and lackluster dynamics. Aside from the odd OPC, Opel had morphed into a vehicular appliance factory churning out cars no more exciting than the Toyota Corolla. It was a crushingly sad state of affairs.

Fortunately things are finally starting to look up again. Somebody at Opel has flicked a switch. And the ensuing bolt of energy has given rise to a fresh new generation of machinery. Products like the Adam and Mokka that can easily match the hip youth-orientated metal being made by Citroën and Renault and Audi and Mini. Even the Corsa, a stalwart of the range that’s been around since 1982 has just been reinvented to better take the fight to its longtime enemy – the Volkswagen Polo.

As to be expected the previous model was often criticized for being, well, a little underwhelming in the styling department. So this time around the designers were allowed to take a little more creative license and pen something that would actually warrant a second look when it rolled down the main drag. And they have more or less achieved this by sculpting in a number of new features.

Like up front where a set of quirky chiseled headlights and a bold trapezoidal radiator grille definitely give the Corsa a much meaner and more contemporary face. The profile sees sharper, more defined shoulder lines while the rear now sees the addition of horizontal light clusters that cleverly trick the mind into thinking the car is slightly wider than it actually is. I’ve got to say that it’s a successful makeover – one that gives both the five-door and three-door derivatives a much-needed shot of relevance in our fashion-crazed market.”

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