Hello ladies, my name’s (Opel) Adam

adam“Opel already has a small hatchback – the Corsa. A good little runabout in its own right. But if the Corsa is Opel’s bowl of porridge, the new Adam is a flavourful shot of golden syrup.

True, the Adam only comes with three doors versus the Corsa’s five (not counting the OPC), and at only 3.7 metres long it’s also a lot smaller. Its diminutive dimensions combined with some funky styling and a relatively hefty pricetag, means it’ll appeal to a different buyer than the Corsa as well. The same buyer, as it just so happens, who’s drawn to cars like the Mini, Fiat 500 and Citroën DS3.

Just like those three, the Adam comes with an array of accessories and customisable options as its biggest drawcard. Nine paint choices with movie-based names such as Purple Fiction, Pump Up The Blue, The Greyfather and James Blonde hint at who Opel’s targeting with its new city car. No offence auntie Ethel, but your niece Jasmyn will probably better appreciate eight selectable mood lights, cupholders moulded with cute cartoon sharks, black autumn leaves mirror covers and the “64 Starz” headliner which mimics a night sky.

I’m not saying the Adam’s aimed more at the fairer sex, but many of these personalised bits and bobs are quite feminine. It’s also got a boy’s name if you hadn’t noticed, and guys tend to be more attracted to things with girls’ names. Ahem… Eleanor. Adam Opel was the brand’s founder by the way, though he died in 1895 and never got to see a car with his name on it. Up to then Opel built sewing machines and bicycles.”

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