Driving impression- Isuzu KB 250 Fleetside

The Isuzu 250 KB fleetside“In 1978, the Isuzu KB became the first Japanese one-tonne bakkie to become offered with a diesel engine. Successive generations have become very popular; in fact, the Isuzu is the only bakkie to consistently challenge the market-dominating Toyota Hilux. The current generation was introduced in 2004, and was facelifted last year. I recently had the opportunity to test drive one of the real workhorses in the range; the KB 250 Fleetside.

The exterior appearance is as simple and basic as they come; this is not the type of vehicle to impress your friends with. It is indistinguishable from the base model, and only the badge on the tailgate gives its model designation away. Despite being one of the oldest designs in its class, the Isuzu has aged well. The Fleetside is available with steel wheels in a similar style to those found on the more expensive LE model, but these are totally unnecessary considering its workhorse status.” Read the full article on the CAR Mag blog.