Latest Opel is a gem

The stunning new compact coupé from Opel, the Astra GTC“The stunning new compact coupé from Opel, the Astra GTC, stole the honours last week but that’s not to say that the Meriva was left in the shadows.

The Meriva has set a new benchmark in this segment, with many innovations that put it ahead of the pack. (See accompanying report below)

But more about the GTC – which had jaded motoring hacks champing at the bit, wanting to unleash it on the well maintained Free State roads.

Traffic cops were out in force, ready to nab those who exceeded the speed limit – and they did!

Two people were arrested for driving at 161km/h and 162km/h respectively and are scheduled to appear in court.

So it was to be expected that the journos were reluctant to push the GTC to its capacity and opted to stay within the confines of the speed limit. But, even at slowish speeds, the GTC is a gem.

What is it?” Read the full article in the Times Live motoring section.