Lumina: old school still cool

Ryan Bubear from Iafrica Motoring pilots the fire-breathing Chevrolet Lumina SSV sedan“A six-litre V8. Some 260kW and 517Nm.

I’m tempted to end the review right there, just seven words in, because you’ve got what you came for, didn’t you? The figures are what it’s all about, right?

Well, no. There’s more to the Chevrolet Lumina sedan than that. Sure, all that oomph is the Lumina’s most likely selling point, but it’s not quite that simple.

These days, pretty much every major manufacturer (Chevrolet included) has a clear focus on efficiency. It’s all about finding the best balance between an admirable fuel consumption figure and a spasm-inducing power figure — using as little fuel as possible for as much grunt as possible. This has resulted, in part at least, in the redefining of the dark art of forced induction. Turbocharging, and to a lesser degree supercharging, have become more and more common on everyday vehicles.

But, somewhat refreshingly, the folks at General Motors have decided to retain the Lumina’s old school feel with this latest incarnation of the Lumina. No fizzing, and no turbo whistling… just good old fashioned V8 warble.” read the full article on’s motoring site.