Oh, do behave!

IOL Motorings review of the 206 KW Opel AstraOh, do behave! 206kW Astra OPC driven

“Our UK correspondent, John Simister, takes a spin in the insanely fast new Opel Astra OPC

Have you ever seen those car brochures from the 1950s, illustrated by renderings before the days of enforced photographic reality? The paintings usually made the cars look longer than they really were, and spacious, thanks to the simple device of making the occupants small.

Today’s Opel Astra achieves the exact opposite effect because, while it looks like a normally proportioned compact hatchback, it’s actually a hefty lump of car. It’s especially noticeable on the new OPC version (due in South Africa in the first quarter of 2013), whose enormous 20-inch wheels don’t look nearly as oversized as they should.

It never used to take this long to walk from one end of an Astra to the other. No wonder there’s so little space on modern roads.” Read the full write up by IOL Motoring.