On the Opel Astra OPC

Our Opel Astra reviewed but the guys at Gearheads.co.za“Whenever I arrive at the office park with a new car, most of the men come out to give it a proper once over. There they are, all having a look inside and under the bonnet (usually nodding with a seriously contemplative look on their face like they know exactly what they’re looking at – usually a plastic engine cover). However, when something really special comes along – like the Opel Astra OPC – ogling turns to pleading as a queue of drive requests forms that would make even Justin Bieber proud.

At first I was immensely flattered by the eye-popping looks, usually accompanied by a bit of drooling, from all the men in traffic. That is until I took the time out of my hectic day to have a good look at the Astra OPC from all angles. It’s achingly beautiful and I soon realised it was the car, and not me, that was attracting the most attention. And it goes like the clappers to boot!

The first thing you notice as you plant your derriere in the Opel Astra OPC are the very comfy bucket seats. It’s a bit like stepping into a figure-hugging little black number. Adjusting the electric bolsters is like zipping up until you’re all snug and ready for a night on the town.”

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