Opel Astra 1,4T Enjoy – Does it have what it takes?

Opel Astra 1.4t Enjoy

“Over the years Volkswagen’s Golf has become the staple of the C-segment and has, arguably, become the benchmark for any new vehicle that is set to stake a claim within this group. With its combination of solid build quality, brand cachet and a strong turbocharged four-pot engine, the Golf 1,4 TSI is undeniably one of the best in the segment. Can Opel’s equivalent match the credentials of its German sibling? I recently spent some time in the turbocharged 1,4-litre model to see what it’s about.

When you compare old with new it’s easy to see that previous model’s sharp lines and creased bodywork have made way for a complete new look with softer lines and a more curvaceous shape. It’s less aggressive than before, but no less appealing. If anything, the overall look is more universally appealing than before and should date better than the previous-generation car.” for the full review go to CAR Mag