Opel Astra full review by Top Car

Opel Astra Top Car review

“Dip the clutch and twist the key (no start button silliness here) and a very subdued turbocharged 1.4-litre four-pot zings into life. Past Opels have always enjoyed a meatier resonance, which is missing in this more refined hatch. Yet it revs with verve, and while no performance car by any stretch of the imagination, it is eager. Cog swapping is a precise affair and the gearbox feels solidly constructed, up to the tasks demanded by what feels like a properly capable chassis. Engage Sports mode and the electronics dial in firmer suspension, heavier steering and sharper throttle response. The car employs the usual MacPherson struta upfront, with a torsion beam rear axle, assisted in this case by a Watt’s link cross member, essentially helping contain lateral loads between axle and body. The Cruze has amply shown the way here. You’ll not notice it when trundling along in city traffic, but give the nimble Astra a winding stretch of tar and you’re rewarded with an enthusiastic platform from which to mount a fairly entertaining attack as you whip from apex to apex. Understeer is present, but with only 103kW on tap you’ll not find enough to ruin the experience. If anything, the humble four-pot could do with more bottom end torque with which to slingshot through turns. Performance is comparable to previous generation 1.8-litre normally aspirated Astras, but this mill is greener and will reward with longer intervals between tank fills. In truth, it’s a gem.” Read the full review by Top Car.