A review of our Opel Astra OPC by the guys at Left Lane

Opel Astra OPC

A review of our Opel Astra OPC by the guys at Left Lane“Long gone are the mediocre styling of yesteryears hot hatches; nowadays, they are simply very aggressive looking. Take a look and notice – all you see are wide arches, big wings and low front bumpers. Sporty is definitely the name of the game here.

The Opel Astra OPC is one of those hyper hot hatch backs that really have its own styling going for it. The aggressive front bumper with that big air intake to cool that beautiful motor off is probably one of the few things you will notice right away. Arguably the wheels, which are a mammoth 20 inches in diameter and the wide arches, are the next things which pop out at you. The wheels simply look amazing on this car and, while I initially thought that it would affect handling negatively, it proved to be quite the opposite.

The larger than your average hatch’s boot spoiler sits slightly higher than the window line, giving the car a rather chunky looking rear end. The taillights, which are shaped similarly to the fronts, start to stare at you, while it will quickly disappear into the horizon.”

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P.S. they have some really gorgeous pictures of the OPC in the review.