Opel gets its sparkle back

Opel Astra 1.6 Turbo Sport“Back when life was simple and I was running amok at high school, the Opel Kadett had massive street credibility. For when us boys weren’t talking about girls or planning some debauched house party, we’d be sounding off about the cars we’d buy when we finally graduated into the real world.

And the machine we all hungered after the most was the bad-to-the-bone Kadett 200TS. Why? Well thanks to something called a turbocharger, this was an Opel that could leave the dearer BMW M3 panting in its blue-collared wake. It was a middle-class hero rebelling against the establishment and for that we held the Kadett name, and almost everything with an Opel badge, in considerably high esteem.

Unfortunately by the time we’d all slogged through college and landed our first job, the car in question had kind of lost its appeal. For just like some of us, the once wild Kadett (now simply known at the Astra) had grown bigger, packed on a little more weight and, quite frankly, been blunted by the pursuit of refinement.” read the full article by the Wheel Deal on Times Live site.