Opel's new Meriva tried for size

Wheels24's Hailey Philander thoughts of our new Opel Meriva“Think MPV and it’s unlikely the name of a little German mover will be the first to pop to mind. The French, after all, started this little multi-purpose vehicle segment.

Germany, Opel in particular, is having a go at this segment with the very fresh (and functional) new Meriva.

General Motors had carted a bunch of motoring writers from around the country to a sweltering Bloemfontein in the Free State before pointing us in the direction of trendy artists’ enclave Clarens and saying “now go there”.

There was no big rush towards the cars… and the GMSA representatives seemed oddly calm about this relative reluctance to get into the Merivas.” read more about the Opel Meriva launch from the Wheels24 guys.