Chevy Sonic RS review by iAfrica motoring

Review Chevrolet Sonic RS

Chevy Sonic RS review by iAfrica motoring“Chevrolet SA has entered the ‘warm hatch’ segment with a 1.4-litre turbocharged Sonic.

Hot hatches are marvellous little things. By definition, they retain the practical advantages of normal compact hatchbacks, but add a dash of aggressive styling and an all-important injection of performance — in both the handling and power departments.

But testing one for a week is sometimes a little different to employing one as an everyday, only car. You see, properly sporty hatches also come with distinct compromises.

Both the wallet — in initial purchase price, insurance premiums and monthly fuel bills — and the spine (thanks to the stiff suspension) take a bit of a beating, while the sporty exhaust note you initially can’t get enough of transforms into a headache-inducing drone on long journeys. Then there’s the rock-hard Recaros and the inability to transverse the most humble of speed-bumps without introducing your passengers to an altogether new brand of profanity.

For some drivers, these sacrifices are all worth it, particularly when the right road presents itself. But for others, the need for more affordability, comfort and convenience just cannot be ignored.

And that’s where the Chevrolet Sonic RS comes in. It’s a warm rather than hot hatch, taking a leisurely 9.5 seconds to hit three figures from standstill. But — like the excellent Suzuki Swift Sport — the Sonic RS produces just enough get-up-and-go to keep enthusiastic drivers entertained when the mood strikes. ”

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