Review: Chevrolet Spark

Our Chevrolet Spark“Truth be told, there’s only one concrete way to even come close to reversing the signs of ageing. It’s called a rhytidectomy — a drastic, expensive surgical procedure used to give the subject a more youthful facial appearance. Yes, otherwise known as the facelift.

Which brings us neatly to the refreshed Chevrolet Spark. Unlike a 50-something housewife with more money than sense, the Spark has had a relatively minor “facial rejuvenation”, and thankfully isn’t left bearing that tell-tale permanently surprised look on its shiny new mug. In fact, see a new Spark out on the road and you might very well mistake it for the pre-facelift version.

Up front, the locally manufactured 2013 Chevrolet Spark gets a slightly larger grille, a subtly revised front bumper, and redesigned headlight covers. The side mirrors now incorporate indicators, and some models get a flashy chrome strip along the beltline. Round back, the tail-lights have been reworked and the rear bumper tweaked.”

Read the full review by Ryan Bubear from Iafrica Motoring.