Road Review: Chevrolet Spark LT

The Chevrolet Spark LT“Everyone knows those black racing stripes on a Chevrolet Spark LT give you an extra 25kW…each. They also know the body kit, and in particular that fake exhaust adds another 10kW to the stable. So when I stepped into my bright green Spark day after day, you can bet I felt damn near unbeatable – I even had the matching green Oakley shades. Yes, I was a babe-magnet of economy and style – with sporty appeal to match. I had 60kW on tap from the 1.2-litre engine ahead of me, and a further 60kW from the stripes and body kit, totaling 120 staggering imaginary kilowatts of awesomeness!

My 3rd test came a few days later, I had to transport a kitten, litter box and all across town, along with my own kit, to spend a weekend at my parents’ place – and without a travel box. This meant keeping the Spark clean and packing all cat necessities in, of which there are surprisingly many. So I folded the back seats down, loaded everything up, and still had space to spare, with pillows, bags, litter box, toys, food and shopping all thrown in. The versatility was brilliant, despite the small footprint of the Spark. The vinyl seats were cat-resistant, and the journey ended without a hiccough – cat, bags, and car were all in tact, and there was enough space to comfortably fit luggage for 2 on a trip to Durban, although I wouldn’t recommend the Spark for such a long journey.

So versatility was standard on the Spark, but being so small, affordable, and with such a small engine, would it fulfil its ability to be efficient too? It was, and I managed to achieve consumption figures of 5.3l/100km on a combined cycle, 0.1 better than the claimed figures.”

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