Road Review: Opel Astra Sedan 1.4T Essentia Auto

Road Review of the Opel Astra Sedan 1.4T Essentia Auto by the guys at“For many years, big bang theorists and evolutionary believers have pondered and searched to find “the missing link”. Well for Opel, they’ve found it, or created it rather. It’s the Opel Astra sedan, back for the first time in nearly a decade! For a while, Opel were lulled into the European theme of hatchbacks, but South Africa felt neglected – after all, the Opel Astra Euro series sedans are some of the most popular old cars on our roads. But Opel has triumphantly stepped back into the saloon game without missing a beat, almost as if they’d never been gone.

The styling of the Astra Sedan looks as if it was moulded as the starting point for the Astra – the sleek roofline moulding into the boot in one fluid motion. Possibly the most attractive C-segment sedan available on the market, our test car was made up to look even better with a sexy red paintjob – everyone knows a car looks better in red. Inside, the design is much the same as the Astra hatchback, right down to the centre console radio which is in dire need of an upgrade. The boot is massive, boasting 370-litres of space that reaches beyond the depths of the outward appearance. There is a subconscious air of class about the sedan though, even when driving, you feel classier. Could the Astra have matured just a little?

The 1.4 Turbo Essentia model I was driving was the automatic. It featured the same 103kW, 200Nm 1.4-litre mill as the Astra hatchback we tested earlier in the year, but the 6-speed automatic gearbox replaced the stick-shift of the hatch. The drive, much like the hatch was smooth and refined. Comfort levels were excellent, but feedback through the suspension was always there to let you know where you are on the road. The longer Astra feels more secure on the road than its hatchback counterpart, again a little more mature with the addition of the boot.”

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