Road test: Chevrolet Cruze 2.0D LT

Chevrolet Cruze rear

“I was genuinely happy when Chevrolet launched the Cruze simply because I was tired of seeing Corollas everywhere. While I won’t blatantly bad mouth SA’s best-selling car for more decades than I can remember, there are few cars as unimaginative and non-descript as a Corolla. The Cruze, just with its looks, changed the scenery dramatically, although it would undoubtedly take a while for it to dethrone King Corolla.

Initial impressions of the Cruze range was positive for more than this reason though, although the first model I tested, fitted with an automatic gearbox, was simply dreadful. Nothing wrong with the engine as such, but the gearbox shifted to incorrect gears at the most inopportune moments and could never decide in which one it really wanted to be. I had said, from the day I first drove it on the launch in KZN, that the Cruze needs a proper diesel. General Motors must’ve realised this as well, because in 2010 the company added such a model to the strong-selling Cruze range.” the full article is on DieselDrive Magazine