Chevrolet Sonic 1.6 LS 4 door AT

CAR Mags review of our Chevy Sonic 1.6 ls sedan“It might be hard to believe that demand for a light saloon with an automatic transmission would be significant, but irrespective of whether the clientele for such vehicles consists predominantly of fleet buyers, retirees or two-pedal devotees, virtually every volume manufacturer offers one. Enter the Chevrolet Sonic 1,6 LS 4-door AT.

The ‘box in the Chevrolet Sonic saloon is supposed to be a new design and it does boast six forward ratios, as opposed to the older Aveo’s four, but otherwise the only trick is the addition of a rocker switch on the right-hand side of the gear lever, with which the transmission can be operated in manual mode. In fact, we were happily surprised to find that this is a full-on sporty manual mode. The driver determines when to change up to the next ratio because the electronic management system will allow the engine to reach and sustain its rev limit unless otherwise instructed. What a pity some very expensive and powerful cars don’t allow this level of driver input.” Read the full review by the CAR Mag guys.

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