Chevy Sonic a refreshing alternative

The Chevrolet Sonic hatch, our new little diesel“While not standing out as a class leader in any particular area, the Sonic does have a refreshing style about it and, though not cheap at just over 180 grand, it is well priced and well-powered in relation to its competition in the diesel hatch market. It’s well equipped too.

You’d almost expect to find a powerful turbo petrol engine under the bonnet but instead my test unit was endowed with something very much at odds with its hot hatch styling – a 1.3-litre turbodiesel engine.

It’s also a breeze to drive around town, so much more so than the laggy Polo BlueMotion. Though the turbo only really comes alive above 2000rpm, you can still accelerate from below that mark without having to change gears – unless there’s real urgency involved.” For the full article have a look at IOL Motoring.