The demon from Down Under

Chev Lumina Ute SS: The demon from Down Under“To the average South African citizen, Australia is not a country that you automatically associate with motorcars. This is because its not-too-distant neighbour – Japan – has been dominating the Eastern auto front since Mr Dinosaur went extinct back in the late Cretaceous. Living in the shadow of great brands such as Nissan, Toyota and Honda, Australia has instead built up a reputation as being The Last Outpost. A supposed “safe haven” for only the most desperate and disillusioned members of the Rainbow Nation.

And I say “supposed” because, from what I’ve seen and heard, it seems like an appalling place in which to live. Well, that’s if you’re lucky enough to even get through Sydney airport what with their customs Gestapo roaming the halls. I’ve watched enough episodes of Border Patrol to know that arriving in Australia with one too many peanuts stuck inside your Snickers bar is a crime punishable by public humiliation and immediate deportation.

Of course, should you successfully slide past Bruce and his keen-nosed Dingo, you will soon be facing a whole new set of problems. In a country of bureaucrats and the inventors of the Nanny State, nothing goes unnoticed. And should you step out of line, dare to do anything even remotely rebellious, there will be serious consequences. Yep, in Australia every action has a reaction, and for the regulated public it usually involves the handing over of some hard currency. Ride a bike without a helmet on? Fine. Have the audacity to break the speed limit? Fine. Don’t use a pedestrian crossing? You guessed it.” Read the full article by the Wheel Deal on TimesLive.