Our Chevrolet Sonic reviewed by the guys at Times Live

The Sonic RS: A small Chevrolet that doesn’t suck

Our Chevrolet Sonic reviewed by the guys at  Times Live“I didn’t start shivering with anticipation when a Chevrolet Sonic arrived at our offices last week. In fact I wasn’t even sure what the hell it even looked like. I was pleasantly surprised. Obviously caught out by a sudden change in wind direction its face is fixed a permanent scowl. It has interesting headlights that are exposed and three-dimensional and vaguely reminiscent of the afterburner nozzles on the back of a jet fighter.

Being the range-topping RS model (the RS badge stands for Rally Sport and was first seen on the 1967 Camaro) it comes with big-ish 17-inch alloy wheels and dropped suspension for impressing bros and cornering faster.

Inside, things were equally perky. The Sonic RS isn’t built like an Audi but for a small hatch it is more than acceptable. There are racy alcantara bucket seats and a nice leather steering wheel that (or so I am told) is a dead ringer to the one found in the Camaro.”

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