Versatile Vivaro very good value

Versatile Opel VivaroI have a soft spot for minibuses. Not the type driven by kamikaze taxi drivers with their sardine-packed passengers (for them I reserve only hard words and glares), but luxurious buses such as the Opel Vivaro, designed for schlepping large families around in comfort.

Sure, they’re not terribly glamorous, but I can happily live without cosmetic charm in return for the space and versatility they offer. And to be honest, for a bus the Vivaro isn’t entirely without some cosmetic street cred. Though its hind quarters are boxy the vehicle has a pleasingly modern and aerodynamic frontal area so the neighbours will be less likely to look down their noses at your “panel van”. Read the full revue on IOL Motoring or you could have a look here.