Chevy Sonic RS

We drive the racy new Chev Sonic RS

Chevy Sonic RS“I drove the Sonic RS at its media launch in the Western Cape last week and it’s an impressive little package for buyers on a (relative) budget who are seeking something a little sportier than, say, a 1.6-litre Polo Vivo. Small turbo-petrol engines are becoming all the rage these days and for good reason: they offer good economy and zippy performance, and don’t become lethargic at high altitude.

The Chev’s little four-cylinder Ecotec turbo engine has a fairly punchy and free-revving nature, exhibiting brisk acceleration and easy cruisability – and all without feeling like it’s huffing and puffing itself into premature cardiac failure. In fact it’s a decidedly smooth performer and I accidentally hit the rev limiter a couple of times because the engine didn’t seem to be making anything like enough noise to be near the redline.

At a claimed 6.6 litres per 100km the five-door hatch throws good fuel economy into the bargain.

A slick-shifting six-speed manual with close ratios plays its part in making this souped-up Sonic an enjoyably low-effort drive, and the speed-sensitive power steering prevents tired arms without feeling artificially light.”

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