Esinelitha Daycare

Williams Hunt PE and the GMSA Childlife foundationWilliams Hunt Port Elizabeth chose to assist Esinelitha Daycare as their GM Childlife Foundation project for 2012. Esinelitha is a facility offering daycare for 65 toddlers of the poor and unprivileged living in the Walmer Township in Port Elizabeth – the township with the highest unemployment rate in the city.
“Even though these toddlers come from such a poor area, they are always well behaved and very friendly. This is testament to Mama Joyce and her 3 ‘teachers’ who are doing an excellent job in educating these little ones, not just at a pre-primary level, but at a social level as well,” said Petro van Rooyen, GMD Standards and Training Coordinator, William Hunt Eastern Cape.

Currently, the Esinelitha Daycare has only two established classroom areas where they can actually work with the little children. Unfortunately, these classrooms were simply an extension from the original shack of Mama Joyce and her daughter. “The floors were so uneven that they could not put down little tables and chairs. This was definitely a safety concern, especially for the smaller ones who cannot walk properly yet. They could fall and hurt themselves,” said van Rooyen. “Concrete floors were needed in all of the rooms which are used on a daily basis.”

Williams Hunt PE and the GMSA Childlife foundationApart from the floors that needed repairs, the corrugated iron roof sheeting needed to be replaced and properly fitted and supported with genuine building materials. All this came to fruition when Williams Hunt Port Elizabeth became involved. Van Rooyen said, “Proper concrete floors were laid and we got a contractor to sort the roof out for them and they now boast a decent roof with new sheeting and proper secured poles to hold it together under tough weather conditions. We have also donated a big pot gas burner for them to cook for the children, food containers for safe storage, portable pigeon holes for storing their schoolbags and other goodies, as well as some toys for the children.”

In conclusion van Rooyen said, “Our involvement with Esinelitha Daycare has made all of us realize again how privileged we are just to have the basics in life. The basics for them are a luxury as they have no running water and they have to rely on someone assisting with electricity. Every time we visit them you can feel the excitement and thankfulness for every little thing you do or donate. It’s an honour for Williams Hunt Port Elizabeth, in conjunction with GM Childlife Foundation, to be associated with Esinelitha Daycare and we look forward to a long and caring relationship.”