Jubilee Park Primary School

Williams Hunt Uitenhage working with Jubilee Park Primary School.Williams Hunt Uitenhage has adopted Jubilee Park Primary School in the Uitehage area as their GM Childlife Foundation project. The first stage of the project was to upgrade the computer room facilities as all the pupils in the school participate in a computer-based reading course. The computer room does not have windows that can open due to burglar bars fitted to safeguard the hardware and equipment. Therefore, air-conditioners were installed to assist with keeping the computers cool, as the school lost several computers due to overheating.

“We would like to sincerely thank Williams Hunt Uitenhage for donating the air-conditioners to our computer room. This clearly bears testimony to the social responsibility they have towards the disadvantaged and we greatly appreciate being a beneficiary. We are grateful that we are able to share this and look forward to a long-term partnership with Williams Hunt Uitenhage,” said Mrs Lorna Bosman, Principal, Jubilee Park Primary School.

Williams Hunt Uitenhage working with Jubilee Park Primary School.The second stage of the project will consist of upgrading the kitchen that feeds the pupils on a daily basis. The school has 1200 pupils of which 700 receive only one meal a day, which is provided by the school. They will need extra stoves, a fridge, decent cupboards and a serving counter to assist with this huge task.

“The word ‘Jubilee’ in the English Dictionary means ‘joyful time’- a time or season of celebration. This is what you see in the faces of the 39 teachers and the principal,” said Frikkie Venter, Dealer Principal, Williams Hunt Uitenhage. “Joy, happiness, peace, passion and most of all, love. Love for the pupils and for what they do every day despite the circumstances under which they have to operate and all the obstacles that they face, they stay positive and keep smiling.”

Venter said further, “This has definitely opened my eyes to what is really happening in our community. There is a huge need for decent schools as well as for decent education. What was most pleasing to me was the positive attitude of the principal and the teachers. Even the pupils were so friendly and well mannered. This experience has taught me and my staff at Williams Hunt Uitenhage to be thankful for what we have in life and we look forward to assist them for as long as possible and to make a difference at the school and in the lives of its pupils,” said Venter.