Uitvlucht Primary Farm School

Williams Hunt Humansdorp and GMSA Childlife FoundationThe Williams Hunt Humansdorp dealership chose the local Uitvlucht Primary Farm School as their Childlife Foundation project and have provided for various initiatives at the school. The school was identified by Keith Lester, the Retailer Principal at Williams Hunt Humansdorp, who saw the dedicated work being done by the teachers at the school under extremely difficult conditions.

Based in a farming area between Humansdorp and Kareedouw, the school currently has 57 learners enlisted between the ages of 5 and 12. Before Williams Hunt Humansdorp and the Childlife Foundation stepped in, the school was battling with leaking water tanks, deteriorating long drop toilets, general maintenance as well as transport to get the children to and from school. Subsequently all the longdrop toilets have been replaced with enviro-loos, a waterless, on-site, dry sanitation toilet system that functions without water or chemicals. The area around the toilets has been paved, with a pathway to the classrooms.

Williams Hunt Humansdorp and GMSA Childlife FoundationAn open area under shade cloth between the classrooms where the children have lunch, as well as the area around the watertank, was also paved. Further a new base was built for the watertank, which was moved and connected to the kitchen. New gutters and downpipes, along with a filtration system, were then connected to the watertank. Williams Hunt Humansdorp also provided computers for the school, and assisted with diesel and tyres for Uitvlucht’s bus, in order to transport the children to and from their newly renovated school.

“Now that we have all these wonderful improvements at the school, I can’t imagine that I was happy with what we had. There was no way in which we could accomplish our dream for these children – until you came around and made it all possible,” said Uitvlucht principal, Sarien Viljoen “For the first time we are able to give these children the values that will make a difference in their lives – it is not just a farm school any more – it is a farm school where children can feel that people really care for them and want them to have all the opportunities they can get.”

“We are so grateful to you. In our wildest dreams, we never thought we would get all this. We are very, very privileged to get so much help. People like you give us hope to carry on doing what we love to do and that is to give these children the best education they can get,” she said.