Switch to an Automated Manual Transmission

Join the drive to cost savings and switch to Automated Manual Transmission in our Isuzu F-Series FSR 800 AMT and FTR 850 AMT trucks.

The ISUZU FSR 800 AMT and FTR 850 AMT

In models that feature Automated Manual Transmission or AMT, the transmission is manual but the shifting mechanism that changes the gears is electronically controlled. There is no driver operated clutch, which takes away the risk of driver abuse. The truck is always in the right gear, at the right time. The end result is no more costly clutch replacements.

Isuzu Truck AMT models bring to market a truck which retains performance, durability and fuel economy usually associated with a manual transmission. These trucks are so easy to drive they allow driver to be able to completely focus on the road.

This option is more affordable than you think.
We will gladly customise a deal to satisfy your application and budget.

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