A closer look at the Suzuki Celerio (2022)

If you are shopping for a new car on slightly tighter budget, Suzuki is your go to car brand. Their efficient, well-specified and affordable small cars give you excellent value for money. The all new 2022 Suzuki Celerio hatchback falls straight into this category and stands out in its segment due to its comfort, excellent safety and class.

The Celerio was already one of the company’s best-selling cars and after reaching more than 5.9 million vehicles sold, Suzuki decided it was time for an update. The result is a small, very fuel efficient 5-door petrol hatchback that’s hard not to love.

Time for us at Williams Hunt to take a closer look at this small car that gets the job done.


The previous Celerio was a fairly decent car but was positioned quite close to the company’s other popular small car, the Suzuki Swift. Although the 2nd generation Celerio falls in the same pricing segment and was built on the same HEARTECT platform as the Swift, it has more than enough appeal to hold its own.

The novice model is curvier, longer and wider than its predecessor, providing more shoulder width and boot space compared to the previous model. In addition, the visual appeal of the interior has been improved significantly. A huge upgrade is the 7-inch touchscreen which is sitting prominently in the middle of the dashboard and gives the car a bit of extra class.

An energetic featherweight

With a mere 805 kg, the new Suzuki Celerio is a true featherweight. It’s powered by a 1.0-litre 3-cylinder petrol engine that delivers 49 kW and 89 Nm of torque combined with a 5-speed manual gearbox and a light clutch.

It’s surprisingly energetic, easy to park and has a very nice, small turning circle due to which the Celerio is capable to do a full turn in a narrow street. All in all making this an excellent car for city driving.

In terms in fuel efficiency there’s also only good news. As is the case with most Suzukis, the Celerio allows you to achieve quite close to the average consumption figure of 4.4 L/100 km claimed by Suzuki. Of course this will require driving with an economic attitude which, with the current petrol rates, we probably all are doing anyway…

Outstanding Safety Features

In terms of safety, the all new Celerio has a critical feature you won’t find in other cars in this price class – stability control. In addition, it comes standard with ABS, ESP, park distance alert, dual airbags and pre-tensioning seatbelts making it an excellent vehicle for a first car for new drivers.

With good performance, appealing luxury features (Aircon, power steering, electrically adjustable side mirrors and a very neat touchscreen infotainment system) and excellent safety features (remote central locking, rear parking sensors), the new Suzuki Celerio is one of the most complete cars in its segment that can certainly hold its own. It has everything to provide comfort to anyone who enters its 4 doors making it excellent value for money.

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