10 Easy ways to reduce your fuel expenses in 2019

Looking for easy ways to reduce your fuel expenses in 2019? Here are ten top tips from the Williams Hunt team that will allow you to use your fuel more efficiently.

  1. Be clever with your errands - try to make one trip to get it all done consecutively rather than spreading it out over the day. A 'cold' car uses more fuel.
  2. Rush hour is not your friend, so try to keep out of it if you can. If you do get stuck, try to gauge the traffic so you are able to travel slowly and steadily rather than braking and accelerating the whole time.
  3. Close your windows when you drive. Driving with open windows makes your vehicle less aerodynamic and increases the amount of fuel required to keep it at speed.
  4. Don't drive around with an empty roof rack - remove it when not in use to improve your vehicle's aerodynamics.
  5. Don't use your boot as a storage space. Clear out heavy items like suitcases and sport gear to lighten your load.
  6. You make the best use of your fuel at between 80 - 90 km/h. Time your journeys so you don't have to rush and always travel in the top gear.
  7. Putting pedal to the metal requires a lot of fuel - rather drop a gear that forcing your accelerator at speed.
  8. Turn off the A/C when you don't really need it - it requires a lot of energy.
  9. Travelling at the speed limit is a good rule of thumb to drive fuel-efficiently.
  10. Low tyre pressure = more fuel. Check it regularly.

These are ten easy ways to reduce your fuel expenses in 2019. For more insider insight on making the most of your resources, keep an eye on the blog in coming weeks and months. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to the Williams Hunt team for more information on the fuel-efficient models on our showroom floors.